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UPDATE++ The Rockening (Oct 29-31 in New Orleans, LA)

UPDATED ROCKENING LINE-UPS BELOW. Over 20 bands for $20... Advance ticket purchase at http://www.rockening.com/
Buy away. The Golden Ticket will go fast. 50 available.

Fri. October 29 @One Eyed Jack's, 615 Toulouse Street
Knights of the New Crusade (San Francisco, CA) http://www.crusadenow.com/
The Black Lips (Atlanta, GA) http://www.bomp.com/BlackLips.html
The Lids (Atlanta, GA) http://www.thelids.com/
The Detonations (New Orleans, LA) http://www.thedetonations.com/
The Overnight Lows (Jackson, MS)

After-party @Circle Bar, 1032 St. Charles Avenue
The Royal Pendletons (New Orleans, LA)
The Tearjerkers (Memphis, TN)

Sat. October 30 @One Eyed Jack's
The Spits (Seattle, WA) http://www.thespits.com/
The Upper Crust (Boston, MA) http://www.theuppercrust.org/
Miss Alex White (Chicago, IL) http://www.missilex.com/
Vee Dee (Chicago, IL) http://www.veedeechicago.com/
Die RotZz (New Orleans, LA) http://dierotzz.tripod.com/

Sun. October 31 - HOT DOG PARTY @Circle Bar
The Satanics (Boston, MA)
The Original Three (Memphis, TN)
The Spooks (Atlanta, GA)
The Carbonas / Gyro Boys (Atlanta, GA)
The Scrip+s (New Orleans, LA)
Kajun SS (New Orleans, LA)
(We are the) Rats, a tri-state all-star MOTO cover band!
+ special guests

Non-Golden-Ticket-holders will not be excluded from the Circle Bar shows. There'll just be a $5 or so cover charge until the club's capacity of drunk people has been stretched to the limit.


Other stuff coming up:

Wed. 9/22 - Mike Hurtt & His Haunted Hearts - Circle Bar, New Orleans
Thurs. 9/23 - King Louie One Man Band - Circle Bar, New Orleans
Fri. 9/24 - Final Solutions, The Dutch Masters, Die RotZz - Buccaneer, Memphis
Sat. 9/25 - Mod Dance Party - Circle Bar, New Orleans
Mon. 9/27 - The Husbands - Circle Bar, New Orleans
Fri. 10/1 - Question Mark, Sky Saxon, Dr. Spec, Bad Roads - Rock'n'Bowl, New Orleans
Sat. 10/2 - Billy Boy Arnold, Hubert Sumlin, Lady Bo, etc - Rock'n'Bowl, New Orleans
Wed. 10/13 - Dead Moon, Baseball Furies, O. Lows - One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans
Thurs. 10/14 - The Spits, Black Lips, Final Solutions, Kajun SS, Die RotZz - Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta
10/29 thru 10/31 - The Rockening - One Eyed Jacks & Circle Bar, New Orleans
Fri. 11/5 - Wolf Eyes - Spellcaster Lodge, New Orleans
Tues. 11/9 - Wrangler Brutes - Banks Street Warehouse, New Orleans
Fri. 11/19 - The GhettoWays, Die RotZz - Circle Bar, New Orleans

City Hustlers Entertainment
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