Miss Stuck Up (wickedkitten) wrote in moc_neworleans,
Miss Stuck Up

sorry, again x-posted to new orleans, loyno, and moc_new orleans. Forgive me.

I know most everyone is looking for jobs and posting about it on here, I know you are all probably sick of replying with the same jobs over and over again (so I won't feel hurt if you don't respond).

I'm moving uptown in less than a month and YES! I am looking for a job.
Something not so far from Loyola and something I could walk or take a street car to.
I am willing/wanting to do (but not limited):
Cocktail waitress.
Personal Assistant.
Sales (Anyone who works at Canal Place know of anyone hiring there?).
Personal slave.

Part time and I also don't want to work on a commission only basis.

Thanks and sorry for flooding up your friends pages.
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