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sorry, x-posted to new orleans

Two months ago I adopted a puppy named Mitzy from Hammond's animal shelter. She is absolutly the cutest dog in the world. Problem is, in less than a month..i'm moving and will no longer be able to care for her. My last resort is sending her to the pound again because I see how they treat the dogs there and don't even want the chance of her being, uh..terminated if not adopted. I also rather find a family who will love her as much as I do and I want to know who adopts her.
So, i'm posting on here to ask if any of you out there would be willing to care for the most adorable pup in the whole wide state of Louisiana.
She's 9 months old, last month she had all her shots, no fleas, spayed, and is a female.
She is also part Schnauzer and part Jack Russel Terrier. She's such a good dog and would make the perfect pet.
She's like a child to me so you can see how hard it is for me to give her up. If anyone is interested, please notify me asap...seeing as how in the next day or so, I will have to bring her to a pound.

Pictures available, just e-mail me at: wickedkittenbooking@yahoo.com or comment on here.

She is free, only fee is that you take extra good care of her.

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