michaellll (xairbudx) wrote in moc_neworleans,

Come hither to THE ROCKENING

Horizontal Action magazine http://www.horizontalaction.com/ , WatchMeEataHotDog dot com & City Hustlers Entertainment present…
Three days and nights of self-destructive behavior in New Orleans, LA

October 29 @One Eyed Jack’s
The Reigning Sound (Memphis, TN) http://www.reigningsound.com/
Knights of the New Crusade (San Francisco, CA) http://www.crusadenow.com/
The Human Eye (Detroit, MI; Tim, ex- Clone Defects)
The Detonations (New Orleans, LA) http://thedetonations.com/
The Lids (Atlanta, GA) http://www.dieslaughterhausrecords.com/

October 30 @One Eyed Jack’s
The Spits (Seattle, WA) http://www.thespits.com/
The Black Lips (Atlanta, GA) http://www.bomp.com/BlackLips.html
Miss Alex White (Chicago, IL) http://www.garbagetruck4000.com/alex/
Vee Dee (Chicago, IL) http://www.veedeechicago.com/
Die RotZz (New Orleans, LA) http://dierotzz.tripod.com/

October 31 - hot dog party @Circle Bar
(We are the) Rats, Gyro Boys, Kajun SS, The Srip+s, and secret special guests

After-parties to include The Royal Pendletons, Overnight Lows… Rumors of a Mr. Quintron haunted house!

Ticket options:
OEJ shows $10 one night / $16 both nights
$20 Golden Ticket gets you into these, the hot dog cookout, and all after-parties.
Admission to the haunted house is not included.

Hotel info forthcoming. Website with the latest news up soon. Any questions/comments, write clickemyouth@yahoo.com
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